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Wagon Mound Public Schools

ADAMS+CROW LAW FIRM is proud to announce its Education law practice has been awarded a contract with the Wagon Mound Public Schools. “Working to keep districts out of the court room is a top priority for ADAMS+CROW.” Congrats to ADAMS+CROW!

Katie Downey, Leadership Albuquerque grad…

ADAMS+CROW LAW FIRM congratulates its new attorney, Katie Downey, on graduating from the Greater Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce Leadership class of 2018. Leadership Albuquerque is a ten-month program in which upcoming Albuquerque leaders meet with city and state influencers and decision-makers to discuss issues facing the Albuquerque community. Katie and A+C look forward to using the skills and information gained in the Leadership Albuquerque program to help clients and the Albuquerque community at large.

Alana De Young, ADAMS+CROW LAW FIRM one year…

ADAMS+CROW LAW FIRM is thrilled to celebrate the one-year anniversary of Alana De Young joining the firm. Over the past year as part of the A+C team, Alana has helped and represented clients with various matters involving employment law, personal injury and torts, insurance defense, education law and business and commercial disputes. Please visit Alana’s page to find out more about Alana’s general litigation practice.

Arlyn Crow proud sponsor…

Arlyn Crow and the ADAMS+CROW LAW FIRM gang were a proud sponsor of the UNM School of Law Annual Distinguished Achievement Awards dinner held on October 20, 2017. This year honored the greatly-missed Professor Barbara E. Bergman, who currently is the Director of Advocacy at the University of Arizona James E. Rogers School of Law, as well as the Honorable Michael D. Bustamante (Ret.), and University Distinguished Professor of Law James W. Ellis.

Gallup-McKinley County Schools

ADAMS+CROW LAW is proud to announce its Education law practice has been awarded a contract with the Gallup-McKinley County Schools. “We are so looking forward to working with the great school district of GMCS.” Sam Adams and Alana De Young regularly advise schools on a wide range of Education Law matters, with a particular emphasis on Special Education Law and Human Resources Management/HR issues. Sam is an adjunct professor at New Mexico’s only law school, UNM School of Law, and makes it a priority to stay current on public school district needs to support the great kiddos throughout New Mexico. Alana and Sam also routinely advise and defend districts in Employment Law matters. “Working to keep districts out of the court room is a top priority for ADAMS+CROW.” The Firm’s new associate, Ann McCollum, is also now part of the Education Law team and is excited to use her niche experience consulting on Recreation Law issues in the school setting. Congrats to ADAMS+CROW!

Samantha Adams, Top 250 Women in Litigation…

Benchmark Litigation has recognized Samantha Adams as one of the Top 250 Women in Litigation publication. A New Mexico-based litigator with ADAMS+CROW LAW, Adams specializes in general, commercial and insurance work.

Samantha Adams, one of the founding and named partners of ADAMS+CROW LAW manages her practice with a focus on commercial litigation for business, government, and non-profit organizations. Benchmark reports that “Sam has always been an absolute firecracker. She’s good at what she does, she’s got great clients, she’s an excellent leader, she’s marketable, and now that she has her own practice, she’s taken off even higher.” Her career experience spans across numerous industries including healthcare, education, employment, and insurance, among others.

Congratulations Melissa…

ADAMS+CROW LAW FIRM congratulates former A+C law clerk Melissa Maestas on her new position with Albuquerque Public Schools Special Education Department. While we are sad to see our colleague go, we look forward to working with her in her new role at APS.


ADAMS+CROW LAW FIRM was honored to host a short “meet and greet” for University of New Mexico’s first cohort of Mandela Washington Fellows. Three young African leaders visited A+C as part of the YALI Law Firm Tour on 7/20. These engaging and intelligent young professionals show great promise and A+C was delighted to participate in their business development and educational experience here in New Mexico.

For more information on how #YALIServes, please visit the YALI website.

Welcome, Alana De Young…

Adams+Crow Law Firm would like to welcome new partner Alana De Young. Ms. De Young brings many years of experience in personal injury defense, employment law, education law and general litigation matters. Our team is very excited to have Alana join us to better represent our clients interest.

Please visit Alana De Young’s team page to learn more about our newest partner.

Five day jury trial for Adams+Crow…

On November 2, 2016, Adams+Crow, P.C. finished a five-day jury trial in Santa Fe, New Mexico, a tough jurisdiction for defendants. Plaintiff claimed a traumatic brain injury and asked the jury for over $1.3million. Client would consider anything less than $250,000 a win. Ultimately, the jury returned a verdict for the Plaintiff of only $60,000-a fantastic outcome. The client was ecstatic. Great job, Team A+C!

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