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Proud Sponsor of New Mexico Appleseed and the Grief Center

At Adams+Crow, we make it a mission to support children which is why we are a proud sponsor of New Mexico Appleseed and the Grief Center. We strive to help our community provide safe and supportive spaces to land and grow. Thanks to every member of our team for joining in this mission.

The BBB welcomes Adams+Crow Law Firm

Our firm is proud to announce that Adams+Crow Law Firm is now an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau of New Mexico and Southwest Colorado!

The BBB recognizes businesses who demonstrate integrity, trust, and ethics in their business practices. While these values have always been the core of serving our clients and community, Adams+Crow is delighted to be recognized for them and join other local businesses who share our commitment. By striving to use these best practices, Adams+Crow has developed a reputation for excellence and we are proud to describe ourselves as a top tier law firm that aims to set the standard for going above and beyond expectations. 

How do we do this? It’s in the details. If you or your business has a need for exceptional legal services, please contact Adams+Crow Law Firmat 505-582-2819.

News for Celebration

Here at Adams+Crow Law Firm, we are starting off the New Year on a great note. Our team has been working hard to maintain excellence for our clients. The last quarter of 2021 was very successful, with our team resolving SEVEN heated disputes and pulling off a great result in yet another jury trial. We are looking forward to being go-getters and serving our clients in 2022.

Do Your Leave Policies Comply with New Mexico’s New Healthy Workplaces Act?

Adams+Crow’s employment law team has been working with clients around New Mexico to ensure their employment policies and practices comport with the requirements of New Mexico’s new legislation, the Healthy Workplaces Act. This new legislation, which goes into effect in 2022, requires private employers to provide paid sick leave to employees, among various other requirements.

A+C Partner Alana De Young explains: “It is important that employers understand what the expectations of this new legislation are and how it may impact their business and employment practices.  We’re happy to work through these rapid changes to the law with our clients, both informally through conversations or more formally through reviewing, revising or developing policies. Our goal is to make sure our clients stay ahead of the litigation curve. We want our clients to feel comfortable and confident that they are meeting all legal requirements and that they are able to appropriately handle workplace issues.” 

It’s in the details for us at Adams+Crow: please contact us for assistance relating to the Health Workplaces Act, paid leave requirements, and any other workplace issues.

A Few Words from our Senior Paralegal, Christine James

We asked our Senior Paralegal, Christine James, a few questions about working in the legal field as well as working at ADAMS+CROW LAW FIRM and she had this to say:

What Advice Would You Give to Pursue Excellence in The Legal Field? 

“Follow through.  Force yourself to take your time on whatever project you are working on and try to not multitask so that the project is finished to completion.  My parents always told me that if you are going to do something, do it to the best of your ability.”

What Do You Like About Being a Paralegal? 

“I like the investigative part of my job.  I look at records as more of a puzzle or something to solve – there is always a story to be found, especially in medical records.”

What Do You Like About A+C And How Does Our Firm Standout Compared to Previous Firms You’ve Experienced?

“I love the team aspect of A+C.  I have worked at a lot of large firms; so I really was happy to have the opportunity to work at a smaller place because the atmosphere is so much better – more supportive and more team-like.  I’m busier than I have ever been, but the days are never dull and I have learned so much more and have had so much more responsibility in the 4 years that I have spent with A+C than probably the entirety of my 30 years at other firms.”

Advice to New Associates from Jackie Kafka, Associate at Adams+Crow Law Firm

When asked what advice you would give to a new associate, Jackie Kafka says “Don’t be afraid to take the ball and run with it. Take the initiate, develop strategies and work your case up without waiting for direction. This gives you ownership of the case, helps you grow as an attorney and enables you to work towards managing cases on your own. Also don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s not about making the mistakes because you will make them, it’s how you handle them.”  

A+C Law Firm is Bursting with Great Trial Experience

With an unexpectedly successful result in a high-profile jury trial that was presumably a lost cause, Adams+Crow continues its commitment to excellence in trial practice, preparing for five more trials before the year’s end. “We are ready to write the book on evidence and trial practice for 2022,” says Managing Partner, Sam Adams. “With Arlyn’s skillful handling of experts and our trial team’s dexterity and grace in the courtroom, we are confident we can handle any legal challenge, large or small.” For Adams+Crow, “it’s in the details.” Come see us to find out why. 

Samantha Adams has been selected to appear in the 9th edition of Benchmark Top 250 Women in Litigation!

Another great achievement for Samantha Adams as she has been selected as one of Benchmark Litigation’s Top 250 Women in Litigation. “This guide focuses on the leading Top 250 female litigators from across the US who have earned their place by participating in some of the most impactful litigation matters in recent history, as well as by earning the hard-won respect of their peers and clients as top players in their respective fields.” Congrats, Sam!

Safe Practices for Employers and Businesses During the COVID-19 Pandemic

In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, employers and businesses should develop and implement strong policies and procedures to ensure safe practices and limit liability exposure relating to employees and visitors in the workplace. Sam Adams and Alana De Young can help. Our team has extensive experience in reviewing and revising employee handbooks and guidebooks and has been helping employers and businesses navigate today’s morass of new laws and risks. Reach out today for an appointment.

Samantha Adams has been named as New Mexico’s Featured Attorney in the Business Lawyers for 2020!

Another one for the books for Adams+Crow! Sam Adams has been nominated as New Mexico’s Featured Attorney by The Business Lawyers for 2020, which is a “Premier Guide to the Nation’s Leading Business Attorneys”. Great job, Sam Adams!

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