Adams+Crow’s employment law team has been working with clients around New Mexico to ensure their employment policies and practices comport with the requirements of New Mexico’s new legislation, the Healthy Workplaces Act. This new legislation, which goes into effect in 2022, requires private employers to provide paid sick leave to employees, among various other requirements.

A+C Partner Alana De Young explains: “It is important that employers understand what the expectations of this new legislation are and how it may impact their business and employment practices.  We’re happy to work through these rapid changes to the law with our clients, both informally through conversations or more formally through reviewing, revising or developing policies. Our goal is to make sure our clients stay ahead of the litigation curve. We want our clients to feel comfortable and confident that they are meeting all legal requirements and that they are able to appropriately handle workplace issues.” 

It’s in the details for us at Adams+Crow: please contact us for assistance relating to the Health Workplaces Act, paid leave requirements, and any other workplace issues.